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About Us

We are small resort on Zanzibar east coast, close to traditional Bwejuu village.

We are offering stylish accommodation, full range of food and beverage services in our two outlets  and professional wellness treatment. 

We are a sort of Resort, where you feel relax and homy. We provide a real African loose way of living on the Indian 0cean beach and we are very dedicated to keep  African spirit away from industrial tourism.

If you want to feel real quiet and simple beach life away from rush, we are perfect place for you.

 Very passionate in keeping simplicity and tranquility, in Twisted Palms we preserve real African spirit in accommodation and tasty food in our well known restaurant.

0ur hospitality is what makes difference, we  are always ready to spend time with our guests and assist in any thing they need, most of all we are very proud on fact our guests telling us we have guests arriving and friends leaving.


Twisted  Palms, Small lodge for a great holidays.

Karibu Zanzibar! 

Come as a guest, leave as a friend
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